Boulder – Green Mountain Loop

Green Mountain is the third highest mountain in Boulder at 8,150 ft, and one of the 5 iconic mountain peaks in Boulder. Whether you just want to see the excellent views, or to get some serious exercise, or to train for a high elevation gain hike, the Green Mountain Loop has it all. Beyond the exercise aspect, I love how this hike showcases different types of scenery along the way.

Boulder – Mt. Sanitas via Sunshine Canyon & Lion’s Lair Trails in Winter

The 7.3-mile option of hiking Mt. Sanitas via Sunshine Canyon and Lion’s Lair Trails out-and-back is now one of my favorite hikes in Boulder. You get the elevation gain of hiking Mt. Sanitas, while also getting to enjoy the beautiful views of Lion’s Lair Trail, and some good hiking mileage to boot.

Boulder – Bear Peak & South Boulder Peak Loop

Bear Peak (8,459′) and South Boulder Peak (8,549′) are two of the highest and most famous peaks in the Boulder area. Any permutation of doing Bear Peak, South Boulder Peak, or both is a strenuous hike with gorgeous views at the top to reward you for your efforts of climbing up a few thousand feet. This 7.15-mile, 3,400’+ elevation gain loop hike that includes both Bear Peak and South Boulder Peak was both beautiful and a great workout.

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