RMNP – Emerald Lake

On the easy side of moderate, with only 600 ft elevation gain over 3.2 miles, this trail is accessible to most visitors of Rocky Mountain National Park. While the views on this trail are breathtaking at any time of the year, there is something special about experiencing the stark wintry conditions as you pass through several iconic landscapes.

Arapaho National Forest – Herman Gulch & Herman Lake

A relatively easy, and even family-friendly hike, Herman Gulch Trail provides a range of jaw-dropping views of the Continental Divide mountains. The beauty of the area is well known, leading to high traffic on the trail, but it is definitely a place that is worth going to see.

Overnight Trip to Crested Butte

If you are a fan of wildflowers, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the wildflower capital of Colorado, Crested Butte. In particular, the Snodgrass Mountain meadow and Brush Creek/East River Trail had the best displays of wildflowers at this time. You can see hills blanketed with a variety of wildflowers and rare flowers such as the Monument Plant in abundance. 

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