Boulder – Bald Mountain Scenic Area (Baby Yuzu’s Second Hike)

Bald Mountain Scenic Area provides an easy 1.1-mile long trail with excellent views that is a great option for a casual hike or a hike with young children. It is definitely worth the trip out there to see the beautiful views. Although it was a bit far for us to drive and hike it with Yuzu, it all depends on your baby’s constitution and how they handle trips and hiking.

How to Get the Most out of a Hike Postpartum

After giving birth, I only have time to go hiking once a week, so it’s important to me that I get the most out of those hikes. It took a bit of experimentation and experience to learn how to enjoy the short exercising time that I have to its fullest, but I’ve come up with several general principles that I follow to do so. Perhaps they can help others who are navigating their postpartum periods as well.

Boulder – Grindstone Quarry Trail at Heil Valley Ranch

Grindstone Quarry Trail, an easy 2.8-mile trail, was one of my favorite hikes at Heil Valley Ranch until it was burned in October by the Calwood Fire. Looking back at these pictures breaks my heart a little, thinking that when this trail opens up, it will look very different. However, I look forward to the day when I can hike this and other trails at Heil Valley Ranch when they open up again, and when the vegetation grows back over the years. 

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