Boulder – Mt. Sanitas via Sunshine Canyon & Lion’s Lair Trails in Summer

The 7.3-mile option of hiking Mt. Sanitas via Sunshine Canyon and Lion’s Lair Trails out-and-back is now one of my favorite hikes in Boulder. You get the elevation gain of hiking Mt. Sanitas, while also getting to enjoy the beautiful views of Lion’s Lair Trail, and some good hiking mileage to boot. It can be a refreshing hike on a summer morning, as you pass through shaded forest areas along the way. 

Boulder – Double Sanitas 8 Loop

One of the most popular mountains to hike in Boulder is Mt. Sanitas. Strenuous, but short, with about 1,250 ft elevation gain over 1 mile uphill, it’s a great option for those who want some solid exercise in a short period of time, while also taking in some beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and Boulder. If you’re training for a big hike, ascending Mt. Sanitas twice is a way to get in extra elevation gain and mileage.