Boulder – Bald Mountain Scenic Area (Baby Yuzu’s Second Hike)

Bald Mountain Scenic Area provides an easy 1.1-mile long trail with excellent views that is a great option for a casual hike or a hike with young children. It is definitely worth the trip out there to see the beautiful views. Although it was a bit far for us to drive and hike it with Yuzu, it all depends on your baby’s constitution and how they handle trips and hiking.

Baby Yuzu’s First Hike – Little Thompson Overlook Trail at Rabbit Mountain

Ever since Yuzu was born, we’ve been wanting to take her on a hike. We finally took her for her first hike at Rabbit Mountain Open Space outside of Longmont. Overall it went smoothly, with a few hiccups along the way. We definitely need to practice hiking together with baby and see what works best for all of us.

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