Boulder – East Boulder Trail

Hiking the East Boulder Trail

As part of my research for the “10 Hikes within 10 Miles of Longmont” post, I discovered this beauty of a trail. With a low-key small parking lot just off of a country road, you could easily miss it. Any time I’ve been there, there has been plenty of space in the small parking lot, but quite a few people on the trail. It seems like a popular trail for locals who can reach the trail on foot.

The Hike

This 5 mile out-and-back trail is an easy hike that passes through private farmlands, over some small hills and by some creeks and marshland. There is fencing on either side of the trail to denote the public space. It features gorgeous views of the Indian Peaks and Boulder mountains, as well as lovely pastoral scenery. It is also popular with mountain bikers and trail runners, but the trail is wide enough for social distancing.

Starting Out

The hike starts out with a straight trail that passes by a cluster of houses. Some of the best views on the trail of the Indian Peaks can be seen here.

East Boulder Trail at White Rocks view of the Indian Peaks

You can also see the Boulder mountains. (Picture taken of a different day when the Indian Peaks were hiding behind the clouds) –

East Boulder Trail at White Rocks view of the mountains

After walking along this trail for half a mile, you turn left to continue on the East Boulder Trail.

Views of the Boulder Mountains

The trail then winds through some grassy hills before coming out again into an area that allows for views of the mountains again.

East Boulder Trail Boulder mountains view

The variety of farmland scenery, as well as creeks and marshland, with the Boulder mountains in the background, is one of the great features of this trail.

Liggett Ditch with the Boulder Mountains in the distance –

East Boulder Trail creek and mountains view

Lovely Pastoral Scenery

My other favorite part about this trail was the variety of pastoral scenery you pass through. Some of the things you can see on this trail include –

Open green fields with large trees –

East Boulder Trail

Carpets of wildflowers –

East Boulder Trail wildflowers

Boulder Creek –

East Boulder Trail Boulder Creek

Marshlands bordered by a winding path with wildflowers –

And more refreshing creek scenery.

Recommended as an Easy Hike

The East Boulder Trail is a lovely easy trail with a bit of mileage and great views. It’s no wonder that it’s a local favorite. If you haven’t yet been to this little gem of a trail, I recommend it. It is one of my favorite trails within 10 miles of Longmont.

Alternative Ways of Hiking this Trail

1) This trail can also be completed from the West side in Gunbarrel, for a total of 8.8 miles out-and-back (you can also refer to this OSMP Map)

2) You can connect at the end of East Boulder Trail with Teller Farms Trail, which is another 4 miles out-and-back

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