2019 Hiking Adventures in Review

2019 Hiking Adventures in Review

Since moving to Colorado in February 2019, I did a lot of hiking. On many hikes I was joined by my husband or my friends from the Boulder Hiker Chicks, a local women’s hiking group, but I also did a fair amount of solo hiking. When I look back at the statistics from the year and all the amazing places we went, I am further inspired to continue hiking, taking pictures of beautiful nature, and recording the adventures on my blog.


From my Movescount App, hiking tracked with my Suunto Traverse watch

Suunto Movescount statistics

Number of hikes – 97

After inputting the data and doing some pivot tables in Excel, I was able to derive a few more statistics –

Top areas hiked (by mileage)

#1 Boulder 146.51 miles and 54 hikes

#2 RMNP 104.9 miles and 17 hikes

#3 Indian Peaks Wilderness 72.35 miles and 15 hikes

Percentage of hikes covered by blog posts (by number) – 55%

1. Boulder – Wonderland Lake (10 times)

Wonderland Hill winter view Boulder Colorado

2. Boulder – Foothills South and Wonderland Lake Trail

Foothills South Trail Boulder Colorado

3. Boulder – First/Second Flatirons & Royal Arch

Boulder Hiker Chicks Royal Arch Boulder Colorado Hike

Photo credit – Alli Fronzaglia, Instagram  @theboulderhikerchick

4. Indian Peaks Wilderness – Brainard Lake Snowshoe Trail (3 times)

Brainard Lake Snowshoe Trail

5. Boulder – Mt. Sanitas from Wonderland Lake

  • 4.3 miles

Mt Sanitas Boulder Colorado

6. Indian Peaks Wilderness – Coney Flats Trail

Coney Flats Trail Indian Peaks Wilderness Colorado

7. Boulder – Shanahan Ridge Loop

Shanahan Ridge Trail Boulder

8. Boulder – Flagstaff Mountain

  • 2.9 miles

9. Nederland – Mud Lake

Mud Lake Boulder Hiker Chicks Nederland

Photo credit – Alli Fronzaglia, Instagram  @theboulderhikerchick

10. Brainard Lake and Long Lake Snowshoe Trek

Long Lake Indian Peaks Wilderness Colorado

11. RMNP – Mills Lake Snowshoe Trek

Snowshoeing to Mills Lake

12. Boulder – Wonderland Hill Paragliding Summit Loop (2 times)

Wonderland Hill paragliding

13. Indian Peaks Wilderness – Lost Lake

Lost Lake Indian Peaks Wilderness Colorado

14. RMNP – Deer Mountain (2 times)

Deer Mountain RMNP Rocky Mountain National Park Coloroado

15. RMNP – Allenspark Trail

Allenspark Trail RMNP Rocky Mountain National Park

16. Boulder – Foothills Bench Trail (2 times)

Foothills Bench Trail Boulder Colorado

17. RMNP – Loch Lake

Loch Lake RMNP Rocky Mountain National Park

18. Boulder – Woods Quarry

Mesa Trail Boulder

19. Boulder – Foothills South & Old Kiln Trails

20. Boulder – Mt Sanitas Sunshine Canyon and Lions Lair Loop (4 times)

Mt Sanitas summit Boulder Colorado

21. Hogback Ridge Loop (2 times)

Hogback Ridge summit Boulder Colorado

22. Boulder – Hall Ranch

Indian Lookout Mountain Hall Ranch Colorado

23. Boulder – Flagstaff Summit Loop

May's Point Boulder Colorado

24. Boulder – South Boulder Creek

South Boulder Creek Boulder Hiker Chicks

Photo credit – Alli Fronzaglia, Instagram  @theboulderhikerchick

25. RMNP – Gem Lake & Balanced Rock

Gem Lake RMNP Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado

26. Boulder – Sawhill & Walden Ponds

27. RMNP – Twin Sisters Peak

Twin Sisters Peak RMNP Rocky Mountain National Park

28. Boulder – Mt Sanitas via Lions Lair Trail (3 times)

Lions Lair Trail Boulder Colorado

29. Boulder – Rabbit Mountain Loop (2 times)

Rabbit Mountain Boulder Lyons Colorado

30. Boulder – Mt Sanitas via Dakota Ridge Loop

31. Boulder – Homestead Trail, Shadow Canyon, and Mesa Trail Loop

Mesa Trail Boulder Colorado

32. Boulder – First Flatiron Trail

Boulder Chautauqua Park

33. RMNP – Lily Lake

Lily Lake Rocky Mountain National Park Estes Cone

34. RMNP – Lumpy Ridge Trail

Lumpy Ridge Rocky Mountain National Park

35. RMNP – Red Rocks Trail

Red Rocks Boulder Colorado

36. RMNP – Trail Ridge Road

Continental Divide Trail Ridge Road

37. Boulder – Foothills South, Foothills North, and Hogback Ridge

Hogback Ridge loop Boulder Colorado

38. Boulder – Heil Valley Ranch Loop

Heil Valley Ranch Boulder Colorado

39. RMNP – Dream Lake, Emerald Lake, Bear Lake

Dream Lake Rocky Mountain National Park

40. Boulder – Green Mountain via West Ridge

Green Mountain Summit Views Boulder

41. Boulder – Joder Ranch

Joder Ranch Trail Boulder Colorado

42. Sangre de Cristo Wilderness – Zapata Falls and S Zapata Lake Trail

Zapata creek Sangre de Cristo Wilderness Colorado

43. Great Sand Dunes National Park – High Dune

High Dune view Great Sand Dunes National Park Colorado

44. Boulder – Picture Rock Trail, Heil Valley Ranch

Picture Rock Trail Heil Valley Ranch

45. RMNP – Estes Cone

Estes Cone Rocky Mountain National Park

46. Boulder – Green Mountain Loop

Green Mountain Summit views Boulder

47. Indian Peaks Wilderness – Buchanan Pass Trail

Buchanan Pass Trail Indian Peaks Wilderness Colorado

48. Indian Peaks Wilderness – Red Deer Lake

Red Deer Lake Indian Peaks Wilderness Colorado

49. Indian Peaks Wilderness – Buchanan Pass Trail

Buchanan Pass Trail Indian Peaks Wilderness Colorado

50. Boulder – Red Rocks & Anemone Hill

51. Indian Peaks Wilderness – Skyscraper Reservoir

Skyscraper Reservoir Indian Peaks Wilderness Nederland Colorado

52. Boulder – Bear Mountain (attempt)

Bear Mountain Trail Boulder

53. Crested Butte – Snodgrass Mountain

Crested Butte wildflowers Snodgrass Mountain trail

54. Crested Butte – Judd Falls Trail (part way)

Crested Butte Judd Falls Trail

55. Crested Butte – East River Trail #634/ Brush Creek Trail

Crested Butte Brush Creek Trail wildflowers

56. Boulder – Dowdy Draw Trail

Dowdy Draw Trail Boulder Colorado

57. Indian Peaks Wilderness – Lake Isabelle & Isabelle Glacier Trail (attempt)

Isabelle Glacier Trail Indian Peaks Wilderness Colorado

58. Indian Peaks Wilderness – Lake Isabelle (2 times)

Lake Isabelle Indian Peaks Wilderness Colorado

59. RMNP – Sandbeach Lake

Sandbeach Lake Rocky Mountain National Park

60. Ouzel Falls

Ouzel Falls Rocky Mountain National Park

61. Indian Peaks Wilderness – Mt. Audubon (attempt)

Mount Audubon Indian Peaks Wilderness

62. Boulder – Dowdy Draw/Spring Brook/Goshawk Ridge Loop (2 times)

Eldorado Canyon Boulder

63. RMNP – Ypsilon Lake

Ypsilon Lake Rocky Mountain National Park

64. Golden Gate Canyon State Park – Mountain Lion Loop to Windy Peak

Windy Peak view Golden Gate Canyon State Park Colorado

65. RMNP – Sky Pond Lollipop

Lake of Glass Rocky Mountain National Park

66. Indian Peaks Wilderness – Blue Lake

Blue Lake Indian Peaks Wilderness Colorado

67. RMNP – Flattop Mountain

Emerald Lake Overlook Flattop Mountain Trail

68. Arapaho National Forest – Herman Gulch & Herman Lake

Herman Gulch Arapaho National Forest Colorado

69. RMNP – Thunder Lake

Thunder Lake Rocky Mountain National Park

70. Fort Collins – Greyrock Mountain Loop

Greyrock Mountain Ft Collins Colorado summit view

71. Shenandoah National Park – Hawksbill Mountain Loop

Hawksbill Summit view Shenandoah National Park

72. Golden – Mount Galbraith

Mount Galbraith views

73. Boulder – McIntosh Lake

McIntosh Lake Longmont Boulder Colorado

74. Boulder – Pella Crossing

Pella Crossing Boulder Longmont Hygiene Colorado

75. Boulder – McCall Lake

McCall Lake Boulder Lyons Colorado

2020 Goals


Since the statistics show I only wrote blog posts for a woeful 55% of the hikes I went on this year, I will set a target of writing blog posts for 75% of the hikes we go on. I think this is a reasonable number, as some hikes are just not as interesting, or I don’t end up taking many photos because I’m hiking with friends and enjoying their company more than focusing on taking pictures and thinking about a description of the trail.

We’ve been doing a sufficient amount of outdoor activities, to the point that I finally feel comfortable writing some gear reviews. Therefore, I’d like to add gear reviews to the repertoire of Takahashi Outdoors. We are planning to start a YouTube channel for some of those reviews.


Since we moved to Longmont in September, the trails in Boulder have become slightly less accessible for quick hikes (the drive is 15-20 minutes longer than before), but there are also several trails and parks around Longmont that I want to explore.

There are still a number of trails I haven’t traversed in Boulder, so I would like to hike those not-yet-traversed Boulder trails. Considering I only wrote blog posts for 29% of the Boulder trails I hiked, I want to increase that percentage. I will also aim for 75% blog coverage in this category.

In Rocky Mountain National Park it would be great to explore new trails. A few hikes I have in mind to try – Black Lake, Chasm Lake, Bluebird Lake, The Boulderfield, Pear Lake, Lion Lake, and perhaps some trails on the Grand Lake side of the park.

In the Indian Peaks Wilderness, new trails are also on the agenda, such as – Pawnee Pass, Rainbow Lakes, Arapaho Pass, South Arapaho Peak. I’d also like to re-try  Mt. Audubon and Isabelle Glacier. Perhaps some altitude training is in order to prevent the altitude sickness that hindered us last time on Mt. Audubon.

The road trips that we went on last year were epic, and I’d love to go see some more interesting locations, especially in southern Colorado, such as Mesa Verde National Park, Ouray, Canyon of the Ancients National Monument.

Northern Colorado and Utah are also beckoning – I’d love to see Dinosaur National Monument, Red Feather Lakes, Arches National Park, and Canyonlands National Park.

We live about an hour and a half drive from Wyoming, so hikes in south Wyoming, in Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest should still be within range of a day hike or backpacking trip. If there’s time for a Wyoming road trip, I want to see Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park as well.

That sounds like a lot of places and a lot of trails…the aim is to do as many of them as possible, and have fun while doing it!


Last February I started bouldering (climbing without ropes, not too far from the ground) with my husband at the climbing gym. My husband had done bouldering before for a few years and is more advanced. Bouldering is a great all-body workout and I love the goal-setting aspect of the sport, as well as the lessons it teaches you about it being okay to fall and try again. As the statistics above show, we did 68 hours of climbing last year. I want to both increase that number and be able to do V4 in bouldering (currently at V3 max). More time dedicated to bouldering might mean less time for hiking, but I will try my best to balance the sports out.

To Conclude

Since moving to Colorado, we’ve seen so many wonderful places. Every time I go out on a new trail, and even on trails I’ve hiked several times, I feel a deep sense of gratitude for being able to live here and experience these hikes. I’m sure 2020 will also be filled with wonderful adventures.

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