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Takahashi Outdoors

Dear Readers,

Welcome to our new website, Takahashi Outdoors! This website will be a collaboration with my husband Yoshiyuki.

Migrating from Digital Botany

I have been thinking for some time that my previous blog, Digital Botany (, was in need of re-branding. The name “Digital Botany” was meant to focus on macro wildflower photography.

Digital Botany is where I started blogging and sharing my photos, so I’m a bit sad to be leaving it. At the same time, I will be continuing the same work and more on this new website. I will also keep the Digital Botany website running. So really, it’s not an ending, but a continuation.

My husband migrated over the content from Digital Botany so that we have a basis from which to start. You might notice that photos on this website have the Digital Botany copyright mark. Over time, I plan to replace those photos with proper branding. It’ll be quite the project. But in the meantime, as Digital Botany is us after all, I will leave those watermarks as is.

Takahashi Outdoors

Why “Takahashi Outdoors”? On this website we wanted to expand the variety of topics covered on the website. Shifting to a name that represented both me and my husband, and was able to catch all outdoor activities and related articles was part of this. I wanted a platform to share photos taken by both of us.

Going forward, on this website we will be sharing –

  • Our outdoor adventures
  • Photography
  • How-to guides
  • Gear reviews
  • and other outdoor-related things.

Thank You

Thank you for your interest in our blog. We look forward to sharing our adventures with you, and more!

— Katarina Takahashi

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