Arapaho National Forest – Herman Gulch & Herman Lake

A relatively easy, and even family-friendly hike, Herman Gulch Trail provides a range of jaw-dropping views of the Continental Divide mountains. The beauty of the area is well known, leading to high traffic on the trail, but it is definitely a place that is worth going to see.

Indian Peaks Wilderness – Blue Lake

The 5-mile out-and-back hike to Blue Lake is absolutely beautiful, with views of multiple alpine lakes along the way. The destination in particular is striking and photogenic, a dark blue lake above the treeline, surrounded by twelvers and thirteeners.

Indian Peaks Wilderness – Mount Audubon Attempt

Mount Audubon is a serious thirteener and we can only recommend it for experienced hikers. The breathtaking views near the summit are worth the climb. However, between the high winds and rocky trail, be prepared for some uncomfortable conditions to get there.

Golden Gate Canyon State Park – Mountain Lion Loop to Windy Peak

Golden Gate Canyon State Park is a lovely place to visit if you’re looking for an easy or family-friendly hike. The scenery is varied and there are many options for trails to explore. The 8-mile Mountain Lion Loop and detour to Windy Peak is a good option if you want an introduction to the park.

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